Don’t let there be other ‘presents’ this Christmas

There have been numerous burglaries in the local area in the last month. The majority of these attempts by thieves gaining access to the property by ‘bumping’ or ‘snapping’ locks within seconds, pinching valuables and often car keys. Modern UPVC and composite doors with euro-lock cylinders are more often than not the ‘weak’ spot, and burglars are more than aware of how easy it is to gain entry. This method doesn’t show any evidence of forced entry, which means that your insurance claim will likely be declined because it looks as though the door has been accidentally left unlocked or open.  With Christmas fast approaching temptation is higher than ever.


In West Yorkshire, police statistics show that one in every four burglaries was carried out through snapping. As a result, police in Leeds issued an appeal to householders to get their UPVC and composite door locks checked and replaced with high security euro cylinders.


The Solution


Break secure or anti-snap cylinders are specifically designed to combat lock-snapping.


A cylinder has been designed that although it will snap, it will snap in a predetermined position leaving intact a portion of the cylinder that will still provide security and still require key operation to open, thus preventing the easy manipulating of the locking system.


This is a photo of a break secure cylinder – the cylinder is designed to break at the points shown leaving the centre locking mechanism still intact and working. (Source: North Yorkshire Police)

brake_secure_lockIn a recent interview with the BBC, ex-burglar Peter Findlay said snapping the lock was “simpler and quicker”. Findlay, who now works with police on crime prevention, told the BBC’s Inside Out in early 2012: “If I had the best lock picks in England I wouldn’t bother using them, I’d just snap the lock.”

Alarm Systems

In addition to making your property is secure, it is also recommended that homeowners install an alarm system which will protect the whole property should someone manage to gain entry through an open window or an unlocked door.

If you already have an alarm system, it is important to get it serviced on an annual basis to ensure that your security system is working properly. Detection devices can fail, the main control panel and external siren back up batteries require annual testing, as do the external sirens which are exposed to the elements all year. Failure to do this can often lead to expensive damage and the worry that your system will not operate properly in the event of a break in.


How We Can Help


Select 1 will help identify key areas your home security could be improved with our free security check. We offer a selection of alarm systems, security lighting solutions and anti-snap locks and door alarm systems, which triggers when the door is hit or tampered with.


Please call us to arrange your check NOW on 0800 118 2568 or 0113 210 2206 and check out our website


North Yorkshire police urge you not to forget to mark any new items after Christmas and register it on Marking things like jewelry or antiques is difficult and could reduce their value. You should get expert advice in these cases.


You can still protect items that can’t be marked by keeping a record of them. A simple and effective way of doing this is to photograph each item, preferably in colour, paying special attention to any distinguishing marks such as initials or crests which may be used to identify them.


Keep a list of all the items you have marked and where the marks are. Keep the list safe and give a copy to a trusted friend or relative, just in case.


Advertising the fact that your property has been marked may warn off thieves. You can do this by displaying a sticker in your window.



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