Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Many of these points seem obvious but unless you teach YOUR children you may be putting them in danger. By passing one these few simple tips you can improve the safe use of electrical toys and equipment throughout their lives.


1. Turn off equipment.

Games consoles and electrical equipment should be turned off at bedtime. Doing so is safer, kinder to the environment and also cost effective.

2. Fingers in sockets

Never put your fingers or anything other than an electrical plug in a socket.

3. Removing sockets

Always pull by the plug not the cord. Pulling the cord can cause wires and connections to loosen meaning items can become faulty and dangerous.

4. Checking for damage

When using any electrical equipment ensure kids are aware that any exposed wires, rattling plugs or any other faults are reported and identified to a grown up straight away.

5. Keeping drinks away!

Split drinks lead to inevitable danger of electricution. When playing computer games or sitting by the TV ensure children know to sit far enough away and keep liquids at a safe distance.

6. Unplugging the toaster

Many kids often make their own breakfast or a quick afternoon snack but it’s important to let them know that if the toast gets stuck in the toaster to switch it off at the mains before trying to get their toast out or it may set on fire. Fingers can get burnt and sticking a knife into the toaster can be extremely dangerous.

7. Dry hands are safe hands.

Not only in the sense that dry hands are more hygienic but wet hands touching electrical equipment is a strict NO NO.

8. No electrical equipment in the bathroom or wet areas.

This is a strict rule that should be enforced from the word go.

9. Don’t overfill sockets or extensions

These days with so many electrical devices it is too easy to overload sockets and extension leads.  It is important to warn children that doing this can lead to fires breaking out in the home or damage to your electrical goods. The more electrical current that flows from a socket the hotter it becomes.

10. Playing near power lines


Don’t play near power lines. Kite flying is great fun, but take care. Look out for power lines overhead and in the surrounding area. Remember you can’t always tell where a kite is going to land.  If a kite does become caught on power line let go of the string immediately and make no attempts to recover the kite. (Remember electricity is always trying to get to the ground. Together you and the kite would become the quickest route to the ground!)


Please keep 2014 a safe year for you and your family and pass on these key facts to your children.

If you have any electrical devices you believe are faulty or dangerous it is important to get them checked, preventing fires and other dangers. At Select 1 we are able to check devices and properties offering advice.  Also if your property doesn’t have any smoke alarms and you would like to speak to one of our engineers about getting some fitted please call us on 0800 118 2568 or email us at info@select1securityandelectrical.com.

Source:  Hants Fire & Rescue Service

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