Make sure you sparkle this Christmas

As December approaches we prepare to make our homes and business premises festive and welcoming, often involving Christmas fairy lights.


As these type of lights only tend to be used once a year it is a good idea to follow a few safety checks and make ourselves aware of potential dangers before we continue to put up last years decorations. Below are a few tips from ROSPA regarding Christmas safety.


  • If you have old lights, seriously consider buying new ones which will meet much higher safety standards.
    • Look for safety marks e.g. BS Kitemark
    • Buy from a reputable store
    • Avoid buying second-hand unless you have them professionally checked first
    • New lights are transformed down to 24 volt for added safety, or they may be double insulated.


  • NEVER insert or remove bulbs when the electricity supply is switched on
  • Inspect cables and bulbs for any damage
  • Do not use lights which are damaged, dispose of them safely.


  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use an RCD (residual current device) for added protection against shock
  • Do not use the lights outdoors unless specifically made for such use
  • Don’t run the cable under carpets or where it can be damaged
  • Keep lights clear of decorations and other flammable materials
  • Avoid cables becoming a tripping hazard
  • Use a stable support when hanging the lights
  • Don’t leave the lights on when the room is empty. Remember to switch them off when you go out of the property
  • Don’t allow children to play with the lights.


  • Take care when dismantling and packing the lights not to damage them
  • Keep them safely stored away out of reach of children
  • Avoid damp or excessively hot conditions.

Within the work place, it is a legal requirement that all electrical equipment is PAT tested to ensure it complies and meets safety standards. If you require any assistance from Select 1 we would be more than happy to help, giving you peace of mind through the festive period that you are not putting colleagues or your premises in any unnecessary danger. Please call us on 08001182568 or email us at: for more information.





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