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As the Autumn dark nights draw in it gives thieves more opportunities if your home or business isn’t as well protected as it could be. Households most at risk are those with poor security, homes with low occupancy levels or where the occupant is young (alone parent and children).

There were approximately 745,000 burglaries during 2010/2011 according to the Home Office, that’s a burglary every 40 seconds.

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Many burglars are opportunists and gain entry through an unlocked or open window or door. Intruder alarms and other electronic security measures will provide an effective deterrent, but should be used in conjunction with, not as a substitute for, appropriate physical security.A burglar alarm may seem like an unnecessary cost but for those who have been unfortunate enough to have experienced a burglary it can be emotionally and financially devastating.

Here’s some top tips and advice on how to keep your property secure.

Lock doors and windows even if you are at home.

·       Use good quality (to the relevant British Standard) deadlocks on all exterior doors.

·       Windows should be fitted with locks or pins. Many primary locks, such as those on patio doors, can be easily defeated.

·       Fit a chain or latch to the door, or opt for a wide angle viewer, so that you can check who is there before you open to door.

·       Security lighting to the perimeter of your home can be a good deterrent. These can be set to react (turn on) by motion detectors. Add-on motion detectors can now be added to existing lights that don’t have them fitted as part of the assembly.

·       Timers on interior lights can be a good deterrent if the home is unoccupied for a period of time. Times set to turn on radios or the TV can also give the appearance that someone is home.

·       The property should not be hidden from view by trees and shrubs. These can create a hiding place for an intruder to access the property.

·       Valuables should be marked or engraved with a unique identifier (e.g. a number unique to you – driving licence – or date of birth). If the Police recover the item they need to be able to identify the owner.

·       Report suspicious activity to the Police.

·       Burglar alarm bell boxes should be visible. They are a valuable deterrent and provide an audible warning than an intruder is entering or on the premises.

Select 1 have a wealth of experience in designing and planning security systems. We have worked on many large commercial systems and have installed many systems in homes across the region, each one meeting the requirements of the individual customer.

Our engineers are fully trained and we are an SSAIB certified company. The benefit of using an SSAIB certified company to install and/or maintain your burglar alarm is that most insurance companies will reduce the cost of your home insurance. Find out the benefits of using an SSAIB certified company »

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