Intruder Alarm Servicing

We know it may seem like a hassle or grudge purchase, but it is important to get your Intruder alarm serviced on an annual basis to ensure that your security system is working properly and keeping you and your property safe and secure.

Good reasons to have it annually serviced are:

    • Detection devices can stop operating properly and may fail to pick up an intruder if not annually inspected.
    • The main control panel and external siren back up batteries require annual testing every year and replacing every three years. Failure to do so could lead to expensive damage to the main control panel or external siren.
    • External sirens are exposed to the elements all of the year, they require annual testing to make sure they will operate properly in the event of a break in.
    • Peace of mind that your alarm system is operating properly, and your home is secure.
    • Inherent problems such as failing batteries that can cause system damage are regularly checked to prevent expensive repairs.
    • Most home insurance companies offer a discount for customers with regularly maintained home security systems.

We offer service contract for all types of systems even if we did not install it for you we can maintain it for you.
All of our intruder alarm service contact customer have access to our dedicated 24 hour call centre so you can be confident we will be there if you need us.

If your alarm has not had its annual service or you have concerns about the health of your system give us a call today and let us deliver peace of mind 08001182568

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