Stay safe this bonfire night

It is always a good idea to plan your event in daylight to make sure you are well away from power lines and other electrical hazards. On a windy night, flames and sparks can easily be blown onto overhead power lines and may cause power cuts or electrical surges.”

Electricity can also jump gaps – this means that serious injury can occur even without coming into direct contact with electrical equipment.

Safety tips:

  • Try to plan bonfire celebrations in advance, preferably in daylight, when electrical hazards are more visible;
  • Do not light bonfires under, or close to, power lines. Smoke and heat from bonfires can damage power lines and cause power cuts or electrical surges, as well as posing a danger to anyone nearby;
  • Remember the wind can blow flames and sparks onto overhead power lines so always keep bonfires and fireworks well away from electrical equipment;
  • Electricity can jump gaps – so always keep a safe distance;
  • Look out, look up – and enjoy bonfire night!

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