Transform your business with the right lighting

Recent studies have shown that the quality of lighting and signage affects people in many different ways; greater productivity amongst office workers, a safer working environment and a more enjoyable shopping and client experience to name but a few. Whether indoors or on the building’s exterior, an effective commercial lighting scheme is paramount in terms of appearance and functionality. It’s no secret that people are attracted to well-lit public facilities, commercial shopping districts and parks. Hence a potential increase in profits may also be seen.


Below are a few points on how lighting can help to improve your business:

Create the right atmosphere

Offices should feel bright and welcoming, and the right lighting can go a long way to achieving that. Efficient lighting can create the ideal atmosphere, and that can make all the difference in an office environment—if employees feel comfortable and uplifted by their surroundings they’ll be far more productive, and that could have a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Make a statement

Of course, the right lighting can be used to make a statement as well. Using high-impact architectural lighting can show you’ve taken time on your design scheme, which can put you in a much better light with clients and visitors. You could create a focal point of a central stairway, use lighting to highlight artwork on the walls, or perhaps keep it subtle yet stylish by installing recessed lights under cabinets. Opting for different coloured lights can make an even bigger statement, so don’t be afraid to experiment to make your environment the best it can be.

Go efficient and cut costs

Efficiency is also an important aspect to consider. LED lighting solutions are an ideal way to incorporate a sleek and modern appearance in your business environment, whilst offering the benefits of low energy consumption and reduced ongoing maintenance – and not at the compromise of high-quality luminosity and performance either.

Using energy saving halogen bulbs instead of traditional versions is another energy-saving solution, and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and your bills in one go.

So if you are looking to start 2014 with a new fresh image or revamping the look of your existing commercial space, be sure to make put expert lighting installation and repair near the top of your to-do list.

As with any specialised electrical work, please use reputable and experienced professionals. At Select 1 we can help clients improve energy efficiency and reduce lighting costs helping to add value to any project, whether large or small, interior or exterior, public or private.

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Source: National lighting

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