UK’s Burglary Hot Spots

Top 10 postcodes most at risk of being burgled and claiming for theft on their home insurance include LS13, BD12, LS18 and LS28 according to research analysing insurance claims.

Top 10 Postcodes for Burglary

These postcodes cover:-

Bramley, Gamble Hill, Moorside, Rodley, Swinnow (LS13)

Low Moor, Oakenshaw, Wyke (BD12)

Horsforth (LS18)

Calverley, Farsley, Pudsey, Stanningley (LS28)

We were really surprised that Horsforth features so highly in 7th place. Who would have thought we were in the middle of so many burglary hotspots.

These poor residents are not only at a higher risk of being burgled but they could also be paying 20% more for their home insurance, according to the Daily Mail.

Our advice to any residents living in these areas is to invest in a comprehensive intruder alarm system to protect property and belongings. Use a SSAIB certified company to install the system and you could also reduce your home insurance costs (check with your insurer).

If you would like any advice on securing your home and/or reducing your home insurance costs please give us a call NOW on 0800 118 2568.

Stay Safe, Stay Secure!

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