We are now an SSAIB Certified Alarm Installer!

What does this mean for our customers? Find out NOW!

In order to become an SSAIB certified company we had to undergo a number of checks in both technical competence and professional conduct.

The benefit of using an SSAIB certified company to install and/or maintain your burglar alarm is that most insurance companies will reduce the cost of your home insurance.

SSAIB Certified Company

Now that we have passed the assessment we follow a strict process which starts when we receive an initial enquiry from any customer through to certification.

NB Any intruder alarm should be checked once a year to ensure that all sensors, batteries, external and internal sirens are working properly.

We offer maintenance packages for any alarm system. If you want to benefit from discounts on your house insurance then it is highly likely you would need to have a maintenance contract in place (check with your insurer).

We also provide alarm monitoring which gives you the added comfort of letting you know whenever the alarm is set off and gives customers the opportunity to go and check the property, or get someone else to go and check the property if you are unable to get there.

Any customers who require a monitored system with police response would need to have a maintenance contract in place in order to gain the police response. There are two maintenance visits per year required on a police response system.

If you would like more information on this or would like one of our engineers to visit you, please call now on 0800 118 2568. We look forward to hearing from you!

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